JIKIDENKAI on February 18

February 18, 2024, Continuing Professional Education Program, Jikidenkai was held at Canadian College of Shiatsu Threrapy Main Campus.

Topic : Distal treatment
Guest speaker : Mr Masahiro Haruta sensei
participants: Mariko, Yoko, Miku, Koki and Nobu

We invited Mr. Mashiro Haruta sensei from Japan and learned how to treat stiff shoulders by distal treatment. With the patient laying on their back, first the ankles; hamstrings; front of the thighs; forearms and wrists are adjusted before the shoulder. We learned from Haruta sensei that by treating secondary areas before treating the area of concern, lowers the patient’s blood pressure, prevents injury, and makes treating the main area easier. It was a great opportunity for us to learn a new technique. Thank you very much, Haruta sensei for teaching us.

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