Kaz’s report of 17th International Shiatsu Conference Mexico ’16

17th International Shiatsu Conference Mexico ’16 was held in Mexico City this summer! Here we have report from our therapist, Kaz 🙂 Thanks Kaz!
July 30th and 31st, The 17th International Shiatsu Conference was held in Mexico City. Maya, Nakako, Kenta and Kaz from Japan Shiatsu Clinic, Hiroki from Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy joined there from Vancouver. Mexico City was located over 2,000 m elevation, and it was hot and rainy season. And people who wanted to learn Shiatsu were also hot!! Over 100 people were excited to learn something from 7 guest speakers and all other therapists each other. It started with greeting from Hideo Asada sensei, who was the president of Namikoshi Shiatsu Mexico. 7 guest speakers were introduced, and it was of course included Kiyoshi Ikenaga who was the CEO of the Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy and Japan Shiatsu Clinic. The morning of 1st day was focused on academic side of Shiatsu. Yuji Namikoshi, who was a grandson of Tokujiro Namikosi, introduced the knowledge and technique about learning Shiatsu with his own reference from all over the world. Then Junichi Kurosawa from Japan Shiatsu College introduced Physiology and Shiatsu, which was a main theme of Shiatsu Study Group at Japan Shiatsu College. People easy to imagine that Shiatsu worked for muscle (anatomical function), but it also effected to physiological function, too. From the afternoon, we focused on practicum. Yuji sensei introduced some part of Basic Shiatsu with important points such as shape of fingers, posture, etc. My partner just started learning Shiatsu from Asada sensei, and had much energy to learn everything. I was lucky to be paired with him because I also learned his attitude for learning. The last topic was from Mitsuhiro Takagi, it was combined with chiropractic. It was little advance for everyone, but it meant we had many possibility to improve our skill near future. The 2nd day was whole day practicum. Tetsuo Inaba, who was the instructor of Asada sensei, told us that Shiatsu was the basic thought of medical science with his experience. He also told many reasons and stories about Tokujiro sensei and himself. Hiroshi Ishiduka from Japan Shiatsu College showed us the other side of Shiatsu treatment, which was stimulate sympathetic nervous system for athletes. How to improve range of motion to adjust the posture with using Shiatsu, and it also gave us more possibility of Shiatsu treatment. The topic from Naoyuki Kohei was really interesting especially for ladies because it was beauty. It was not only outside looking but also from inside, and Shiatsu treatment effected from both side. The final speaker was Kiyoshi sensei and introduced the treatment for Sciatica. We had many clients having it, so everyone was excited to learn any small techniques. I reaffirmed that Shiatsu was one of the most effective alternative therapy, and our study would be never end. Thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity, Kiyoshi sensei, Asada sensei and all staff from Namikoshi Shiatsu Mexico. I will brush up my skill with most important point, Basic Shiatsu.
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