Kenta’s report of 17th International Shiatsu Conference Mexico ’16

17th International Shiatsu Conference Mexico ’16 was held in Mexico City this summer! Here we have report from our therapist, Kenta 😀 Thanks Kenta!
The International Shiatsu Conference was held in Mexico City from July 30-31, 2016. It was a great opportunity to learn so many things from the wonderful instructors. The workshops included basics of shiatsu and advanced treatments for sciatic nerve pain, lower back pain, stiff shoulder and also improving skin’s appearance. I was most impressed by Takagi sensei’s workshop. He showed us how to give pressure on top of the vertebrae directly. Takagi sensei has knowledge of both Shiatsu and Chiropractic treatment. My understanding was Shiatsu treatment give pressure to the muscle. However, at the conference I learned that combining Shiatsu with well-educated knowledge on other manual therapies like Chiropractic can sometimes lead to a better outcome. Shiatsu technique also has been progressing together with advances in medical study. Applying proper Shiatsu based on medical proof, I believe that Shiatsu will be able to help more patients. Certainly, applying basic Shiatsu treatment is very important in order to make advanced techniques more effective. I realized that all the instructors respect the basic treatment. I am eager to learn other techniques and knowledge for manual therapy, not forgetting the importance of basic Shiatsu all the time. The other thing that impressed me was Inaba sensei’s workshop. Inaba sensei showed us how to give pressure on each finger while singing the Japanese nursery rhyme” Moshi Moshi Kameyo.” Mexicans don’t know this song of course, but everyone applauded and the entire audience seemed to become as one. All of us smiled. Knowledge about manual therapy and manual therapy techniques are necessary, but I think there is something beyond that. It would be wonderful if therapists can make a clinic where they feel satisfied with treating patients happily so that the patients will leave with a smile. Thank you very much for letting me attend this conference.