Maya’s report of 17th International Shiatsu Conference Mexico ’16

17th International Shiatsu Conference Mexico ’16 was held in Mexico City this summer! Here we have report from our therapist, Maya 🙂 Thanks Maya!
As a professional Shiatsu therapist, I was really glad to participate in the International Shiatsu conference in Mexico. The conference helped me focus on the basics because Yuji sennsei who came from Japan Shiatsu College in Japan said, “Stick to the basics”. It means “Vertical, hold and concentration”. These are the rules of Shiatsu pressure. I believed that I had some confidence for “basic Shiatsu treatment” because I have done two hundred people already while I was a CCST student. We memorized all of these things absolutely. But it seemed that I had lost something these days for Shiatsu until I came to the conference. “I just give my clients treatment only in basic Shiatsu as well as I am sure to manage the rules of pressure” he said. I was impressed. It was profound what he said and I agreed with his approach. The things he suggested brought me back to those days in school. All of us who participated practiced in pairs basic Shiatsu of posterior crural region and palm pressure in abdomen after his lecture. People in Mexico were very excited to learn about it. They were eager to ask him how to apply correctly . Then he went around politely as long as he could. I felt a sense of unity at that time. It is hard to apply for vertical, hold and concentration. We cannot do exactly even if we skip one of them. He talked about it repeatedly and stay hold as well. I had almost forgotten two things. One is the rule of Shiatsu. Another one is ambition like people in Mexico. I am ashamed to forget the basics in spite of what I learned in my Shiatsu training. I tried to pursue advanced shiatsu but it is impossible to pursue if I ignore the basics, and need a strong passion for Shiatsu so I can help people, I would heal people, and I would acquire the skill of Shiatsu. Sometimes I can remember easily but also I find it can be difficult to recall everything. I can say this conference was meaningful time for me. Now I can be Shiatsu Therapist with confidence. Much of which I have learned while in Mexico. I appreciate the opportunity to participate in this very enlightening conference.