Nakako’s report of 17th International Shiatsu Conference Mexico ’16

17th International Shiatsu Conference Mexico ’16 was held in Mexico City this summer! Here we have report from our therapist, Nakako 🙂 Thanks Nakako!    
The 17th International Shiatsu congress in Mexico Between July 30th and 31st, I attended to the International Shiatsu congress in Mexico with Kaz, Maya, Kenta and Hiroki. We had long days learning about a variety of topics like Effect Cosmetic by Shiatsu; Approach for Sciatica; What is Essential in Shiatsu? and more. For half of the conference, we participated in a shiatsu exchange with other attendees. Our partners were selected at random. My partner was a Mexican man who attended this with his mother. His mother has her own clinic in another Mexican city and she learned Shiatsu from Asada Sensei. The reason why he wanted to attend is because Shiatsu is not yet popular in Mexico and he was curious to see if Shiatsu is good match for future career. His family may visit Vancouver in October so, if he confirms his plan, I want to take them to sightseeing and show them our clinic. Also, I became friends with a Mexican lady who speak Japanese. She studied in Tokyo Medical and Dental University before and she is a dentist now. Mexicans are very friendly and they always say hello to us with big smile and want to chat. The attendees were very interested to learn shiatsu and took lots of notes, recorded sessions with video cameras and asked lots of questions. It was a good chance to talk with other attendees and I was glad to participate in a such a high level congress. As a result, this experience has motivated me to learn more and more about shiatsu. Thank you to Kiyoshi Sensei, JSC and Asada Sensei for letting me participate in this congress. Nakako Swanson