Reopening our clinic!

Dear Valued Customers,

Finally, we will reopen our clinic on June 19th!! Each clinic opens in a different business hour as listed below:

Coquitlam Centre : Mon-Sat 11:00-19:00 / Sun 11:00-18:00
Metrotown : Mon-Sat 11:00-19:00 / Sun 11:00-17:00
Central City : Mon-Sat 11:00-19:00 / Sun 12:00-18:00
Lonsdale Quay Market : 7 days 10:00-17:00
Yaletown : Mon-Sat 11:00-19:00 / Sun 11:00-18:00

All therapists screen their condition and prepare for welcoming all customers, so we may be able to take customers after 30-60 min. later.

Online Booking System also starts again from June 19th because we have some technical issue. Walk-in is also available from June 19th, so please do not hesitate to come to us directly.

Unfortunately, we decided to close Lougheed Town Centre clinic for a while due to COVID-19 (safety reason) temporarily. However, we are sure we will open there again in the near future.